Wholesale SMS Marketing Increases Sales

Wholesale SMS Marketing Increases Sales

Every day more brands turn to wholesale SMS marketing to reach their audience. SMS marketing provides an affordable and effective way to communicate, share offers, and keep in touch. Additionally, Forbes reports that 64% of consumers want businesses to communicate with them using wholesale SMS marketing messages.

Wholesale SMS platforms are changing.

Likewise, as mobile marketing continues to expand consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of accepting and responding to SMS marketing text messages. Companies with well-executed SMS marketing campaigns are engaging their customers and increase their revenue. Furthermore, SMS coupons. text to win contests, and SMS bases loyalty programs are helping business find new ways to engage customers. On top of that SMS APIs make it easy for brands to share account info and custom data with their members.

In 2011, RedBox made headlines with their SMS marketing campaign. The company created a mobile marketing campaign and, in just ten days, sent 1.3 million SMS messages and engaged customers. Four years later RedBox is still utilizing this SMS marketing strategy to drive additional sales.

Businesses recognize the growth, revenue, and ROI  that comes from SMS marketing and are demanding these services. Individuals, much like yourself, are meeting the demand and generating additional income for themselves. They are accomplishing this by working with an SMS marketing provider who supports their efforts.

With this in mind, you do not have to pursue your business goals alone. In fact, AvidMobile is here to work alongside you and provide you with the support and training needed to succeed. We want to point out that we offer latest in mobile marketing technology, our all-in-one hub makes it easy to sell wholesale SMS marketing services to business. Finally, we provide the most in-depth training and support for our resellers.

Let’s talk strategy. Call us today at 877- 511-6624. Experience our application first hand with a trial mobile marketing account or download our wholesale SMS pricing guide to learn more about our competitive rates.

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