Build Quality Mobile Coupons

Learn how to build quality mobile coupons and SMS offers.

So you’ve done your research and experienced the benefits that mobile coupons bring to your business. Many of you would love to start offering mobile coupons, but you just don’t know which type of coupon to offer to your customers. AvidMobile is here for you. With this in mind we’re looking at three different types of SMS coupons you can offer to your consumers.

Offer Mobile Coupons With Dollar Based Discounts

Generally speaking consumers prefer dollar based discounts over a percentage based discounts. Dollar based discounts are black and white in the eyes of a customer. While the discounted amount may be the same, dollar based discounts have a perceived higher value. Overall these discounts allow customers to instantly see and compare cash savings.

After all subtracting a $5 dollar discount is easier than calculating a 15% discount. Obviously noone is interested in whipping out a calculator to calculate the total amount of savings being offered in a percentage offer every time they visit a retail outlet. Do bear in mind that this rule isn’t set in stone and doesn’t work for all promotions.

For instance, if I were to give you 15% or $150 off a product, you will more or less choose the latter offer. However what if I were to change the wording just a little bit? There is one word that has stood the test of time. Chances are you might make a completely different choice.

Skeptical, are you? Let me introduce you to the power in the word free! This simple word can trigger jarring emotions and eagerness in buyers. Still don’t believe us? Check out these three offers.

  1. 20% Off!
  2. $20 Off!
  3. Buy 1 Get One Free!

Which one would you choose? Yes, we thought as much! Are you starting to see the power of free?

Offer Mobile Coupons to First Time and Referral based shoppers

Create mobile coupons with high value incentives that encourage new customers to give your business a try. Besides reeling new buyers in, mobile coupons can be tailored to turn existing customers into brand evangelists.  Try giving loyal customers an incentive to take action. Invite them to bring  in new buyers and provide them both with a discount. Marketers use these types discounts to reel new buyers in. A properly targeted referral offer and first time shopper campaign can help your business in the following ways.

  • Attract new first time customers.
  • Notably increase purchase frequency among existing customers.
  • Specifically help you target brand evangelists to increase market share.

Percentage Based Discount Mobile Coupons

At the same time offering dollar based discounts on lower priced items may not be the strategy you want to use on higher ticket items. To clarify percentage based mobile coupons are often used to promote a launch and rejuvenate interest in high-priced or premium products.  Unlike dollar off discounts, percentage discounts work best in more expensive products or services. We’ve listed a few examples below.

  • Airline Tickets
  • Hotel Stays
  • Automobiles

Given these points mobile coupons are being used to deliver a variety of different discounts.

Let’s say driving sales volume and repeat customers is your goal.  You’ll find that the money-off discount and referral offer could work best for you. For those looking to  increasing purchase size or moving high-value products then a percentage discount would be the better choice to go for. No matter what your need is mobile coupons are a cost effective way to quickly deliver discounts to your customers. On top of that they have been proven and are affordable for any marketing budget.