Six SMS Mobile Coupon Benefits

Six benefits a SMS mobile coupon can bring to your business.

A SMS mobile coupon allows you to create renewed excitement around your business without having to spend a kings ransom in the process. Do we have your attention yet? Being the savvy business-person that you are, you’d likely jump at a chance to create a positive buzz around your products and services. Well, you could easily achieve all these with the help of tailored SMS mobile coupon campaigns. A text message coupon allows you to offer useful discounts and rebates. Notably these are sent via SMS to subscribers on a regular basis. For this reason we’re touching on some of the benefits that AvidMobile users experience with our Coupons tool.

Do more than provide a discount using a SMS Mobile Coupon.

A SMS mobile coupon is inexpensive to setup.

In reality creating a paper coupon costs more. Namley the cost of a graphic designer and printing can get quite expensive. Significantly more expensive than design is distribution. These costs will vary and quickly build on each other.  They also  depend on if you choose your counter, weekly circular, or monthly mailers as your channel for distribution.

Compared to a print coupon a  SMS mobile coupon is a relatively inexpensive way to share specials. Any well rounded SMS application makes it easy for you to design a good looking branded SMS mobile coupon. Furthermore, distribution can take place in-store, online, or via a web kiosk.  After all SMS coupons are accessed in-store, where customers actually use them.  SMS mobile coupons offers your business a truly cost-effective method for sharing coupons. This is only complimented by a low cost of entry.

 A SMS mobile coupon has a high open rate.

According to research conducted by SHIFT, an independent market researcher, SMS has a staggering “open and read” rate of 82.1%. Compare this to the 22% open rate for direct mail and email marketing and you have a winner in your hands. Don’t forget about the relatively low-cost of sending a SMS marketing campaign. This two-pronged advantage, makes SMS mobile coupons the best medium for you to engage and reach new, as well as existing customers.

You can introduce a new product to customers with a SMS mobile coupon.

Consumers are generally open to try new products, especially when offered at a discounted price. Send out a SMS mobile coupon to new customers and provide them with a special introductory offer they can’t refuse.  This tactic is a great way to reel-in curious customers who may be cautious to try it out. More importantly it is a great way to build awareness for your business in new markets, and generate new repeat buyers.

You can target specific customers with a SMS mobile Coupon

Consumers are more inclined to purchase when a discount is available. Independent marketing research firm Market Track said, “83% of shoppers said they made an unplanned purchase based on a SMS mobile coupon promotion they received, with 65% saying they made the purchase in store”. With stats like this why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the sales generation opportunities that SMS mobile coupons offer? On top of that A SMS mobile coupon allows you to feature specific products in your store.

You track trials with a SMS mobile coupon.

Use coupons to conduct research and track new product sales. Let’s say you’ve launched three new products and you send out a SMS mobile coupon providing a trial size with any purchase. This ensures you still make a sale while allowing you to see which of the three trial products run out first. From there you can use the SMS database you built to send out a second coupon inviting people to come back and purchase the full size version of their favorite product. In this one marketing campaign you’ve created two opportunities for loyal customers to spend money with you.

You can make money with a SMS mobile coupon.

Notably one major benefit of a SMS mobile coupon is customer segmentation. Moreover create focused offers by getting to know your customers and analyzing the kind of campaigns they react to. In addition, when information is gathered it can be used to to build segmented groups of customers. In this case this can be used to identify trends and help your brand succeed. Furthermore text message coupons coupons are 100% ECO friendly.


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