SMS Reseller Beware Pitfalls Await!

Three pitfalls an SMS reseller should avoid.

The AvidMobile team enjoys publishing educational SMS reseller information on what to look for when navigating the various reseller and white label SMS applications on the market. This week we are discussing some of the primary pitfalls that can await SMS application resellers and potentially defunct your business before it gets rolling!

Why do so many people fail within a short time frame when they begin reselling?

What should people be aware of when starting out as their own SMS service provider?

1. An SMS reseller puts all their eggs in one client’s basket!

We have seen it time and time again where an SMS reseller will focus on one big client. This client is going to send 5 million SMS per month and generate a large amount of revenue. This reseller will focus all of their time setting up meetings, writing proposals, and sending emails. In other words, they spend a little time working on additional profitable opportunities.

The truth is that the biggest opportunities sometimes take years to yield. Many SMS resellers spend time waiting for the actual signed contract and even more, time to implement the right programs, and sometimes the deal never comes to fruition. The smartest resellers and white label SMS partners build their business with the principles outlined in AvidMobile’s Mobile Marketing Certification Courses and don’t put all their eggs in one basket!

2. An SMS Reseller thinks they can sell native apps for tons of money

We have developed apps for our own clients and developed and released them for our partners. Unfortunately, over 90% of the native apps we have developed have gone almost completely unused. Our clients have spent thousands of dollars on them, but not had the means to promote them and get end users to download them.

We provide our customers with one of the top rated mobile web/app in the space. Resellers that focus on selling just one mobile marketing product do not fair as well as those that sell the combined mobile marketing products. Those that sell a combination of services in one low-priced model are having great success. By selling SMS coupons, text campaigns,  and mobile websites/apps for around$19 per month and still be profitable!

3. An SMS reseller thinks everyone will enroll for their freemium model!

Too many resellers have gone out and used a free trial model as a crutch. By providing free services, in some cases up to 30 days, resellers are not making money. From there these resellers became upset when still no one would subscribe to their services. When providing a trial account resellers must invest time, effort, and training into that trial. Resellers who help their trial clients quickly scale up are closing new business left and right. It’s those that see no value in the service and never sign up. Learn what it takes to start your own business selling mobile coupons, marketing, email, mobile websites, and mobile apps.

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