5 Essential SMS Reseller Tools

Five Tools Every SMS Reseller Needs.

Becoming a white label SMS reseller is a great way to earn additional income. It doesn’t matter if you are a an established agency or an individual looking to start your own business. Currently, there are thousands of organizations and businesses looking to purchase text message marketing services. With a variety white-label SMS application providers out there choosing one is a tedious task.  With this in mind, there are three things you should look at when shopping providers. Ultimately you want to understand their pricing, familiarize yourself with their support, and test drive their technology.  Given these points, make sure they offer the tools and training to help you succeed as an SMS reseller.

Here is AvidMobile’s list of five must have SMS Reseller Tools.

1. An SMS reseller needs reporting tools, integrated billing, and hosted signup pages.

In fact setting up new clients, managing them, and billing them should be a simple straightforward process. Managing your accounts is important. However,  if you’re spending the majority of your time doing so you’re missing out on new sales. For this reason, a well-rounded SMS application should include reporting, billing, and account creation tools.


2. An SMS reseller needs robust SMS marketing technology. 

Times have changed. As a result, consumers have become a custom to mobile communications from the brands they love.  In order to accomplish this, you want an application that provides the latest in SMS marketing technology. AvidMobile makes this easy for their resellers. With Messaging creating keywords, building1 time redeemable coupons, and sending to Campaigns is a breeze.  Furthermore, our application allows you to manage SMS contests, create we- based kiosks, and much more. Create a simple demo using these features and watch the services practically sell themselves.

3. Training and support contribute to the success of an SMS reseller. 

Having the best technology and latest features will not help you if you don’t know how to use them. Talk to your potential white label SMS provider. Specifically, ask them about their support and training. Make sure their client’s success is important to them. As them to point out training materials and review them. It is important to realize quality onboarding can make a huge difference when it comes to your success as an SMS reseller.

4. Mobile website builder

Earlier this year Google made changes that impacted searches conducted from mobile devices. Brands without mobile friendly websites suffered the consequences as they ranked lower on mobile searches. Businesses who want remain relevant to mobile audiences must incorporate a mobile website.

2.  A robust API, complete with a full JSON API documentation

Want to signup big businesses that send high volumes of SMS messages? You’re going to need an SMS API. This is the best way for brands to create and distribute SMS marketing messages to hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of minutes.

A well rounded mobile marketing application provides an SMS reseller with the versatility needed to create custom packages to make money. At  AvidMobile we work alongside our SMS resellers to create the opportunity to close more clients and drive revenue with more up-sells. Download AvidMobile’s pricing guide or sign up for your free trial to get started now!


Check out the video below for a preview of AvidMobile’s application.