Start Offering Email Marketing Today!

Resellers add email marketing to drive extra revenue.

AvidMobile is proud to announce the launch of our email marketing platform. Our team is taking a moment to provide you with some additional insight into this new feature. We believe it is important for you to understand all aspects of email from pricing to promotion.

Benefits of AvidMobiles Email Marketing platform.

With email, we wanted to provide you with a tool that is user-friendly, professional, and provides the latest in technology. When you are presenting email to your clients you can be confident that you are offering them the best solution for their business.

  • All-in-one – Create mobile, social, and email campaigns from one application.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – With straightforward templates, building mobile-friendly emails is easy.
  • Reputation Algorithm – By building more reputable emails, accounts are automatically upgraded to better IP addresses, resulting in a higher number of delivered emails.
  • Spamless – We verify emails prior to delivery. This helps us ensure the IP addresses stay strong.

When done right, selling email to current and existing clients is a great way to add additional profit to your bottom line. Check out the math. Some have said that email sells itself!

Scale up with Email Marketing.

You have successfully signed a business with 8 locations that currently sends 5,000 emails/month per location. You’ve set up their pricing and will earn a profit of $.004 per email sent.

40, 000 x $0.004 = $160 of Additional Net Profit

That’s just a start, by combining social media and SMS marketing you can scale up your databases. What would your net profit look like if you were sending out 100k emails, 500k emails, or more even more per month?

We worked hard to build an email marketing tool that combines the latest mobile marketing technology, ease of use, and affordable pricing. Sign up for an SMS mobile marketing trial account today and discover why our customers are successful with our application.