Study: SMS Business Marketing Leads To 3x Higher Revenue Growth

Study: SMS Business Marketing Leads To 3x Higher Revenue Growth

We’ve known for many years that SMS business marketing is the path to forming better business/consumer relationships. Yet, all this depends upon the consumer’s willingness to receive SMS messages on their phones. SAP recently conducted a global study of more than 300 companies across all sectors to see if a mobile marketing strategy provided any kind of competitive advantage.

SMS Business Best Practices…

SAP found that all the leading companies shared the same characteristics…

  • The companies were open to suggestions from internal and external stakeholders.
  • They established standardized operating procedures.
  • The need for a strong security policy.
  • User involvement is almost important as user input.

The Effects of SMS on Business…

Amazingly, SAP found that over a third of the companies that employed mobile marketing saw over 43 percent more productivity than companies that did not. Furthermore, the leading companies had a 28.6 percent decrease in IT spending due to their mobile activity. Finally, research clearly demonstrated that businesses were able to double operating margins and triple revenue growth by using mobile-based promotions.

Creating A Strategy Is The Biggest Challenge For Companies…

Of those surveyed, most companies were good at managing and controlling a mobile strategy, but weak in developing a game-plan. “While mobile is now the primary way people communicate, connect and transact, our latest benchmarking report supports the fact that mobile adoption in the workplace is still in the early stages,” concluded SAP’s Nick Brown. “The benefits of mobile are well documented and understood by most organizations, but a successful implementation requires a clear strategy and comprehensive platform.”

AvidMobile Provides Businesses With The Technology & The Strategy To Succeed…

Here at AvidMobile, we don’t just give you all the tools you need to set up an SMS business strategy. We can also advise you on what has worked (and what hasn’t worked) for our customers. We have a database with over 40 hours of tutorials and training resources to help you launch a more productive mobile campaign. Our back-end business support is unparalleled! AvidMobile’s platform is similar to a franchise. Our team is here to help you hit the ground running. Many of our resellers and become a leader in mobile marketing without the painful (and expensive!) learning curve. Speaking of prices, AvidMobile is the largest wholesale white label provider of mobile marketing technology, so we can offer you unlimited keywords, the lowest SMS rate, and inclusive packages to help you meet your goals — all within budget.


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