Survey Says: Consumers Open To Mobile Marketing Services

The Mobile Advertising Survey (of 650 smartphone owners) found that 46 percent have viewed a mobile ad this year. Better yet, 64 percent say they’ve completed at least one purchase as a result of mobile advertising. Surprisingly, 74 percent said their favorite brands have not advertised to them on their mobile devices. Clearly, there are tremendous advertising opportunities being missed by some of the biggest brands on the market.

Mobile Marketing Services Directly Impact Sales.

According to consumers who purchased as a result of a mobile ad, 45 percent have also referred the product or service to a friend. Researchers find that mobile messages are not just powerful tools in boosting brand awareness, but they are also a vehicle for buying and sharing the news with friends.

Which Gender Is Most Affected By Mobile Marketing?

The survey found that 40 percent of women (and 40 percent of men) were interested in receiving mobile coupons.

Furthermore, 35 percent of men (and 27 percent of women) said they had redeemed a mobile coupon this year.

Men were more likely to make a purchase after receiving a mobile ad (68% of men vs. 58% of women).

Also, 52 percent of men (and 37 percent of women) said they referred a friend as a direct result of a mobile ad.

Which Age Demographic Responds Best To Mobile Advertising?

The 25-34 age demographic is most interested in mobile ads, according to the study. Of those in this age bracket:

  • 70 percent have made a purchase after seeing a mobile ad.
  • 58 percent would provide personal information in exchange for a reward or coupon.
  • 64 percent have not viewed a mobile ad from their favorite brands.

Furthermore, coupons and offers are popular among the 35-44 demographic, with 63 percent willing to engage in mobile promotions if offered a coupon or deal.

Is Mobile Marketing For The Rich Or Poor?

The survey found that 55 percent of those who opened a mobile ad this year earned over $75,000 in household income. In fact, 29 percent brought in over $100,000. Younger and affluent consumers seem to be the most active on their mobile devices.

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