Text Message Marketing For the Holiday Shopping Season

Using Text Message Marketing This Holiday Season.

Thanksgiving is just over 30 days away, more importantly for businesses so is  Black Friday.  As the holiday shopping season approaches business look forward to an influx of eager shoppers.  Currently  companies are spending a great deal time finalizing their holiday marketing campaigns. Black Friday shoppers have come to expect a variety of incredible offers during the holidays. These specials range from limited offers for the first 100 shoppers to deep discounts on a variety of electronics. If a business doesn’t deliver, they will be left in the dark. So, how can you build a stronger marketing campaign this holiday season? Try text message marketing!

Text message marketing benefits your business.

Imagine being able to send a coupon or exclusive offer directly to your customers. Not via an email that they are likely to ignore, and not from a website they’ll have to go to. What if you could send a discount right to the palm of their hand? With text message marketing, it’s possible. That’s not even the best part, as so much more is possible! Not only can you send discounts, but you can create an entire holiday campaign around texting. This can help to create a more personal relationship between you, and your customers. With 10 years in the text message marketing space AvidMobile is sharing a few ways you can use text message marketing to create buzz for your target audience.

Send Black Friday teasers using SMS Blasts.

Consumers take Black Friday and holiday shopping seriously. Start off the month of November with a series of SMS blast messages that highlight or even leak upcoming Black Friday specials. Make sure your blast messages are captivating, but leave a customer wanting more. Successfully finish out your Black Friday text message marketing campaign by sending out a blast linking to your website, online advertisement, or M-commerce store!

Create in-store excitement with text to win contests.

All retail businesses experience an increase in foot traffic during the holiday season. The more you can do to keep customers in your store the better. Try a running a contest on the morning of Black Friday. Lets say for that day your contest rewards every 25th person to text in with a $100 gift certificate. Once shoppers start to win news of your contest will quickly spread organically. More importantly you’re building a database of holiday shoppers that you can send marketing text messages to throughout the rest of the holiday shopping season and beyond. For those feeling extra generous they can run multiple contests throughout the holiday season to keep customers engaged.

Share holiday offers using SMS coupons.

It’s obvious that consumers take holiday shopping seriously. With many of them spending hours researching and comparing prices these shoppers are prepared to spend. As a successful business owner you want to make sure you are capturing as much business as possible. With SMS coupons you can deliver custom offers directly to your target market. Already have a text message database? Great, all you need to do is build your holiday offer and blast it directly to your database. For those new to SMS you can place signage or kiosk in your retail location and invite people to opt in via keyword to receive your offers. This is a great way to start building your database.

a person checking their phone afte receiving a text message marketing message

Text messages get opened nearly every single time, unlike emails. You are, essentially, forcing someone who opted in to at the very least, see your message. And, once someone sees an idea, they’re more likely to consider it. So, no matter what your marketing campaign looks like this holiday season, texting should certainly be a part of it. Sign up for a free trial today to start building your holiday text message marketing plan.