Updates to Groups

Members and Groups

It was only two weeks ago that we launched the first set of features for Members and we are delivering the first set of promised upgrades today. This took longer than first anticipated because we made some changes to Groups that have been long overdue. There were some confusing parts to the way that Custom Groups could be created and managed on the first launch and since we were making upgrades, we decided to make all of the upgrades.

The process to create a Custom Group has changed just slightly

Old Process

  1. Click Create New
  2. Enter a group name in the Group Name field
  3. Click Create Group

This allowed you to create groups without selecting an Opt-in Confirmation. It also allowed you to create groups with multiple Opt-in Confirmations because the section was selecting the Opt-in Confirmation at the same time as selecting the Keyword funnels. This was confusing and bad!

New Process

  1. Click Create New
  2. Enter a group name in the Group Name field
  3. Select Keyword for Opt-in Confirmation
  4. Click Create Group

The new process keeps you from creating Groups that don’t have a Keyword selected for the Opt-in confirmation. It also separates the two functions into their own sections so that there is less confusion.

The layout has changed a bit

Group Keywords is now Opt-in Confirmation

Group Members card has been split into two distinct sections so that you can more easily add members to the group in a one-time addition or in an ongoing basis from a funnel.

The independent sections of Add Members have been summarized into a drop-down menu. You can do an addition of one type at a time. Otherwise, each process remains the same.

The funnels were changed from Keywords to Groups. Now you can funnel from both System Groups and Custom Groups!

The Upload CSV option has been updated to match the improved process used for Members.