Why use a shared US short code?

Start using a shared US Short Code.

Many businesses believe they need to obtain a dedicated US short code for sending and receiving SMS messages. As a matter of fact, a shared US short code may be a better option for your company. Dedicated & vanity short codes provide you with your own unique number to send text message communications from.  Depending on short code availability big brands can choose their own unique vanity short code. However, having a custom short code comes at a premium. Spending thousands of dollars to provision private short code isn’t in the budget for small or medium sized business.

The US shared short code provides an obtainable option for small to medium sized brands. More importantly when used right shared short codes the same results as a dedicated short code. There are multiple US short code providers, like AvidMobile, that make it easy to get started using a shared short code.  They allow subscribers to send marketing text messages via an easy to use front end interface or create custom SMS campaigns using their fully documented SMS API. Getting started with these services consist of a small setup fee. budget friendly monthly fee, and training on front end user interfaces.

What is a Shared US Short Code?

A shared US short code is a special telephone number ranging from five to six digits. As a matter of fact, their short length makes these phone numbers easier for end users to remember. To interact with SMS campaigns brands simply create a custom keyword with a unique reply or offer. For the customer interaction is a breeze. After all the user simply texts the keyword and receives the reply message via SMS.  Business can setup multiple keywords for various campaigns. Once the database is built business use the same US short code to send out updates and mobile coupons. With this in mind combine SMS with your existing marketing plan to watch your business grow.

Benefits of a Shared US Short Code.

We’ve already touched on the cost savings associated with using a shared US short code. But, let’s expand on it a little more. SMS application providers have done the work to provision and setup one or more short codes.  In addition, they handle the lease and maintain all associated aspects. More importantly, these providers have built out interfaces and API’s for their customers. This alone is something that many small or medium sized businesses do not have the capability to do.

SMS application providers also monitor traffic on short codes. On top of that, the best providers even provide training on CTIA best practices to ensure their customers are sending out the best SMS marketing messages. This helps keeps SMS traffic flowing and minimizes issues or violation. This protects both the provider and their clients.

Text message application providers are able to spread the cost of provisioning a short code and building an interface across their subscribers. This allows this to create price plans for every marketing budgets. For example, many of AvidMobile’s pricing plans come with included outgoing messages, unlimited keywords, Coupons, and even Contests.

Final thoughts on using a Shared US Short Code

Understanding your SMS marketing goals is essential when determining your best option for short codes. For many businesses subscribing to services from an SMS application provider make sense. The low cost of entry and training make it a no brainer. In addition, these provide you the training and support to help make sure your SMS campaigns are a success. Wanna try out AvidMobile? Sign up for a free trial today.