Mobile Coupons For Your Business

Mobile Coupons – Why your business needs them.

Over the past several years businesses have made the shift from print coupons to mobile coupons. As a result, consumers are now more comfortable than ever when using digital coupons. In fact, mobile marketers agree that SMS coupons are now the standard for a variety of industries. Every day more business are using text messaging to deliver 1-time redeemable coupons to their customers. With lower costs and higher redemption rates, many these businesses are seeing the benefits of SMS mobile coupons and subscribing to text messaging application providers like AvidMobile.

A lower cost of entry and a proven track record are only part of the picture. Business owners, like you, are quick to discover that text message coupons are easier to launch. With several quality text message application providers in the space, you’ve got options when selecting an SMS marketing application. users do not require special training to build custom text message coupons. These applications also track all your SMS campaign efforts. As a result, your customers have a quick and easy access to opt-in to receive various offers from you.

Brands are making the move from print coupons to mobile coupons.

Any successful marketer will tell you that you can never go wrong with a targeted mobile coupon offer. It’s cost effective and easy to initiate. With the growing penetration of smartphones the use of SMS mobile coupons will only continue to rise. Many businesses are making the move to mobile coupons. Part of the reasoning being that when compared with print coupons, mobile coupons have a higher redemption rate. They are also more secure than print coupons. With mobile coupons, you control redemption rates. So with this added security, coupon fraud and ‘buddy deal’ abuse by store attendants are negated.

Another reason why businesses nationwide have given their attention to SMS mobile coupons is the average response rate. It takes about 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an offer sent through email. While on the other hand, it takes a mere 90 seconds for the same person to respond to a text message. By themselves, coupons aren’t money makers. They are merely tools that can help you build tremendous awareness around your relatively unknown brand.

A few more thoughts on SMS mobile coupons

Mobile coupons can help you break into new markets and generate repeat customers. Secondly, mobile coupons are compatible with any mobile device. This is in addtion to being distributed as simple text messages or multimedia messages. Consequently, you can also use mobile coupons to profile customers and their buying patterns. Businesses use information thus gathered from customers purchasing habits, to separate them into groups and address them individually.

Therefore, if a customer redeems your mobile coupon and makes a purchase. You can then easily follow her up with another deal. This can be done in store, where you hand them the second deal or text it to them a few days after their first purchase. This second deal you offer them can help cement their loyalty to your brand, or if it doesn’t quite pan out, you can simply write them off as yet another one-time buyer. With mobile coupon campaigns, following customers up with tailored messages related to their buying patterns becomes very easy and effortless.


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