Watch for These 5 Holiday Shopping Trends

Watch for These 5 Holiday Shopping Trends in 2015

With fall several weeks out the 2015 holiday shopping season is just around the corner. The AvidMobile team  wants to remind you that now is the time to amp up your mobile marketing efforts if you want to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.


Holiday shoppers are more connected than ever before.

Consumers are doing their shopping  online. In 2014 40% of consumers purchased holiday gifts on the web. Brands like Wal-Mart were able to further capitalize on this by building a mobile version of their eCommerce site making it easy for customers to purchase from a mobile device. In addition 78% of consumers used the internet to research sales and products before heading to brick and mortar stores to make their purchases. (Source: Think With Google)

Mobile devices and smartphones are gateways to big spending.

With an increase in email marketing, advertising, and SMS marketing brands are reaching consumers on their mobile device. The influx of marketing communications has consumers researching and purchasing directly from their mobile devices. Businesses experienced one trillion dollars in sales that started from mobile searches. Online shopping removes the constraints of store hours and allows consumers to spend 24 hours a day. (Source: Think With Google)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday make up two pieces of the pie.

These two shopping days may be large pieces. Marketers must remember holiday shopping starts well before these famous shopping days.Google reported that nearly half of the consumers in 2014 did most of their online shopping prior to cyber Monday. (Soruce: Think With Google) This means businesses must be ready to go with mobile websites and eCommerce websites prior to the official holiday shopping season going into effect.

An increase in information has led to a decrease in brand loyalty.

Consumers have the entire internet at their fingertips and are conducting more mobile searches than ever before. With product reviews, information, and pricing at their fingertips consumers are switching brands more frequently. This presents a challenge to markers in order to keep customers purchasing their products. SMS marketing allows brands to deliver personalized marketing messages directly to the consumer and in turn solidify the relationship with that consumer.

Cross channel communication is key.

Marketing has made the shift to mobile, and businesses are using SMS keywords, mobile coupons, and mobile websites to engage customers. It’s important that mobile works alongside existing marketing channels. Advertising and mobile responsive emails are essential in marketing. Brands that use one voice across channels are able to engage customers and better drive additional transactions.


Are you ready to make money during  the 2015 holiday shopping season? It doesn’t matter if you’re a reseller or direct client. Now is the time to start planning. Resellers should be equipping themselves with the tools that businesses need to promote this shopping season. Making money with mobile marketing is easier than one would think.

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