SMS Marketing Starts At the SMS Opt-in | Part 1

SMS Marketing Starts At the SMS Opt-in | Part One

A successful SMS marketing campaign starts with the SMS opt-in. Creating an engaging opt-ins is just as important as building compliant opt-ins. Mobile marketers and businesses should take a look at their messaging to ensure they are attracting quality customers. Building a solid database from the ground up will ensure the business has a solid database of customers to remarket to. In the long run, this results in fewer opt-outs and better transactions from customers.

How do I know if I my SMS opt-ins are compliant?

In October of 2013, new laws under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) went into effect. the laws applied to both voice and short message service (SMS) text messages that are transmitted for marketing purposes. In addition to the TCPA, the CTIA had already established specific guidelines for sending SMS marketing messages. We’ve listed a several of the key takeaways below.

  • An advertiser must have unambiguous written consent before sending a text message to the consumer.
  • The consumer consent notice must include a “clear and conspicuous disclosure” that they will receive future contact via text message on the mobile number they provided.
  • The advertiser bears the burden of proof to demonstrate that a clear and conspicuous disclosure was provided.
  • The short code that delivers the marketing message must be the same short code on which the subscriber opted in.

When creating marketing materials for SMS marketing the SMS opt-in language must include the following.

  • Identify the advertiser or business
  • Identify the promotion or value proposition (why are they providing their phone number?)
  • Statement about future messages/offers/coupons include a clearly stated frequency
  • Consent is not a requirement to make a purchase.
  • A statement regarding how a person can receive  help or can opt-out of the database along with “standard text message and data rates may apply”
  • You must give the end user the opportunity to opt out of all communications. In addition, you must provide them with the ability to request help.

An example of compliant SMS opt-in language would look similar to this.

By sending AVIDMOBILE to 72727 you agree to receive SMS marketing-related messages from AvidMobile. Up to 4 messages per month, consent is not required for purchase. Standard text and data rates may apply. Reply HELP with help or STOP to cancel.

Building a compliant database is important for both legal and marketing reasons. Brands that are transparent when it comes to message marketing are able to opt-in more customers than brands that are not. When consumers know what to expect they will anticipate and train themselves to adhere to that business’ marketing standards. Are you looking to get started with SMS marketing or have questions about finding a compliant SMS provider? Give us a call at 877-511-6624. As always you can grab a trial account here.

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