What is White Label Mobile Marketing?

With the emergence in popularity of Mobile Marketing, increasingly agency and entrepreneurs alike are looking at the opportunity of cashing in on the craze by either adding Mobile Marketing to the portfolio of services that they provide or looking to start a brand new Mobile Marketing company all together. The problem is, the technology, time, licensing and investment needed to make it happen would take years and millions of dollars. How do they get around that? Simple, “White Label” Mobile Marketing.

White Label Mobile Marketing gives an agency or individual the capability to take a White Label Mobile Marketing providers technology platform and re-brand it 100% as if  they spent the time and money to develop it themselves. They then can turn around and resell it to the end user as if it were their own in house solution. This is appealing to agency’s and individuals alike because the investment to implement or start a Mobile Marketing company is pennies compared to the investment it  would take them to develop a solution on their own.

The number of White Label Mobile Marketing providers have increased rapidly over the past few years but there are only a handful of truly enterprise level, or “tier one” providers in the space. A few things to look for in a tier one provider is that they have there own technology platform, a fully documented API, and true carrier grade messaging, not SMTP or other internet protocol.

In conclusion, if you want to cash in on the growing popularity of Mobile Marketing in the coming year, then go out and find yourself a tier one, enterprise level, White Label Mobile Marketing provider, make a minimal investment, go out and sell, sell sell! For more information on White Label Mobile Marketing visit www.avidmobile.com/resellers