Why a White Label Mobile Website?

Why would you spend your time building a White Label Mobile Website? The answer is simple math. 45% of all Americans own smartphones. They’re using it to surf the web, buy things, check social media, etc. And the last thing you want to do is miss out on clients and revenue by having your website not tie in well with mobile web viewing.

The irony here is that, usually, the nicest websites that cost tens of thousands of dollars are usually the ones who work worst on mobile devices. Having flash appalets, moving pictures, etc. make visiting a website from a desktop a great experience, but on a mobile device, websites like these are virtually unusable. Flash components don’t work, screen sizes are completely off, so text is unreadable without zooming in, and clicking on links is seriously frustrating.

Building a great looking White Label Mobile Website is seriously easy. You can have most of the functionality of a standard website: Shopping carts, social media feeds, web payment, maps, etc. AND be¬†accessible¬†by anyone who’s on their phone. Personally, if I’m out and about, I’m constantly on my phone looking for addresses and phone numbers of places I want to go. If I can’t easily find the information, I’ll just go somewhere else. So when I stumble across mobile websites that have Click to call buttons (a button that when you click it, the phone number pulls up in the dialing screen), it makes life that much easier to call and find out where exactly that store might be or what specials are going on. You can increase repeat traffic by including mobile only offers and coupons, and really helping drive this growing customer base of people who are constantly on their smartphone so you’re not only not missing out on customers, but gaining new customers and getting more transactions out of existing customers.