Why would we need a Text Message Short Code?

If your company is looking for another way to generate a buzz and establish some consistent branding for a client, why not put them and yourself in front of as many potential customers as possible?

Wouldn’t it make sense to become a part of the wave that is sweeping lesser mediums off the table? With AvidMobile, you can utilize our in-house developed SMS platform to enable your clients to connect with the masses via keyword, blasts, QR codes, and mobile websites, and offer them multiple short codes to do so.  Well, if people are just going to be receiving texts from me, why would I need a Text Message Short Code?

The Text Message Short Code is what we will use to connect with the customer. When we are bringing customers to a “Call to Action”, we want them to engage with our company, logo, or brand, right?  Well, we will use a Keyword correlating to our current objective, and have them text that Keyword to our Text Message Short Code. For Instance, a large Brick-oven Pizza joint may have a mobile opt-in built-in to their newspaper ad :

“Text HOTPIES to 72727 for this Weeks Specials!”

That simple integration will automatically double the effectiveness of that ad. More people see it and ENGAGE it. They take the time to look into your BUSINESS, and see what you have to OFFER. You’re selling more product during the times of the month that you were struggling 2 months ago. When we have those texts go out the week of our slow period, we can have a scheduled text go out to ALL of our customers in our database and let them know that we appreciate their business, and would like to see them this week.

Staying on top-of-mind with your current clients,  keeping them as loyal customers, and stealing business from your competitors is only a few clicks away with AvidMobile. Call us today at 877-511-MOBI to get your Text Message Short Code, and start connecting with more customers every day!