White Label Text Marketing: Ways To Find A Service Provider

There is more than one company offering mobile technology and support services. So why should you choose to work with us over another text message marketing reseller program?


Here are 3 reasons you make thousands more dollars per month with AvidMobile vs. ANY of the competition…

1.       Unlimited Keywords

It is more than a pricing structure; it’s a philosophy.  AvidMobile strives to teach our white label partners (*resellers) the right way to run mobile programs for all kinds of industries, encompassing clients of any shape or size.

The right SMS reseller program is one that is fully integrated across all marketing and communication channels including:

  • Point of Sale
  • Broadcast / Event Marketing
  • Website Engagements, and
  • Internal communication.

When even a one-location company has at least 3 keywords, the monthly cost associated with other providers starts to skyrocket quickly.  AvidMobile provides those that resell unlimited keywords, so you can be fearless in implementing and integrating the right program for any of your clients without the fear of “cost.”

2.       Messaging Pricing

Whether pre-buying in bulk or billing in arrears, many white label text message marketing providers try to display smoke and mirrors as a way to state that they are less expensive to work with than the other providers.  The truth of it can only be spelled out if you take the time to project out to 100 or more clients.  An average client sends 4,500 messages per month.  100 clients x 4,500 messages = 450,000 messages per month.

It is easy to compare and see that AvidMobile saves thousands of dollars per month. Simply compare our pricing to others at that volume!

3.       Marketing Support, Not Just Technical

We offer so much more than mere technical support — with “on-demand” education that amounts to more than 20 hours of archived training videos teaching you to sell to different industries, how to get appointments, the steps to each sale, how to implement programs, what works and what doesn’t, and proven sales models.

Although a few providers out there are reacting to our educational-based model and trying to say they have similar support, call today and ask someone to show you the AvidMobile back-office.  It is by far the industry’s single best resource of more than 40+ powerpoints on different industries, educational materials, contracts, and of course the on-demand education.   No one else has anything remotely close.

How does that help you make more money as a text message reseller?

Imagine how much more money you’ll make 12 months from now if our specialized text message marketing training helps you get more appointments, close more sales, and — most importantly — retain more business.

For an instant trial account to test drive our text message marketing software or to see our pricing, visit us at www.avidmobile.com