Text Message Resellers : Don’t Make The Mistakes Of Others!

AvidMobile is a text message reseller service provider that promises NO OUTAGES. Call 1-888-511-MOBI to learn more.

No one wants to talk about it, but the reality is that your text reseller business is at the mercy of other mobile marketing resellers if you are on a shared short-code, as many white label mobile marketing companies are today.  In fact, you are somewhat at risk if you are on just one aggregator, as they go down from time to time — leaving your code out of service for periods of time.

Naturally, You Want No Outages.

What happens when you are 6 months into selling mobile marketing services and have built up 50 good paying accounts?  The residual revenue from offering mobile marketing services is paying your bills and you are on the verge of busting out and really making some money with some big deals pending.  Then, all of the sudden, another text reseller on your Application Provider’s platform uploads 20,000 phone numbers and blasts out Spam messages.  Let’s say just one carrier gets a complaint and, all of the sudden, you are out for weeks at a time on AT&T or Verizon (1/3 of the market).  This has happened — not only with our competition — but with companies that are now out of business.   Your clients will lose faith as the complaints from their customers pile up quickly.

How would losing 40 of your clients inside two weeks (because of someone else’s mistake) feel, when you had worked so hard to get to this point?

This won’t happen with AvidMobile.

We supply every text message reseller with two shortcodes on different aggregators, so in the off-chance that someone does do something that causes a ruckus with the carriers, your business is safe with us.  You simply flip them to a new code in minutes and their program stays live!

What is that kind of insurance worth to you and your private labeled organization?


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