Mobile Marketing Short Code: Three Facts

Three Facts on Mobile Marketing Short Codes.

With a mobile marketing short code, reaching out to mobile users has never been easier. There are numerous mobile marketing applications that support short codes and allow you to create, manage, and re-market to members who have interacted with your campaigns. Using mobile marketing and short codes to produce additional sales grow your business, and increase revenue is easier than you would think. Here are three facts that every mobile marketer should know.

There are Two Types of Mobile Marketing Short Codes

When planning your mobile marketing strategy and deciding on short codes there are two options: shared and dedicated short codes. A dedicated short code is a private short code that is available only to one business. A shared short code is a short code that is used by multiple businesses. The majority of mobile marketing application providers have access to both shared and dedicated short codes. Most businesses use shared short codes as it is the most economical. Provisioning a private short code can cost $5,000 to $10,000. In addition, it can take up to 60 days for the short code to go live. Take a look at your mobile marketing strategy to determine if a shared or dedicated short code is best for you.

A Mobile Marketing Short Code Provides Options

Short codes are associated with a variety of mobile marketing campaigns. This provides marketers with options and allows them to build custom campaigns. A quality mobile marketing application makes it easy to create keywords and build up databases. Some of the most common campaign types include keyword campaigns, redeemable keyword coupons, Text 2 Win, and blast coupons. Interacting is simple; the end user picks up their phone and sends a SMS text message with the designated keyword to the short code in order to receive the associated campaign reply message. With the ability to build a variety of mobile marketing campaigns, mobile marketing short codes can be used in a variety of industries.

Mobile Marketing Short Codes are affordable

When you compare the cost of using a shared mobile marketing short code to other forms of marketing you begin to see how affordable it is. There are a variety of mobile marketing application providers out there that have packages for all budgets. More importantly, mobile marketing produces a much higher ROI when compared to traditional forms of marketing.   Start reaching more customers today as 97% of consumers open and read a text message in the first 5 minutes of receiving it.

There are a variety of mobile marketing application providers out there making it easier than ever to integrate these types of services. In addition, advertising agencies, marketing firms, and other businesses are reselling these services directly to clients for profit. If you have never looked into becoming a mobile marketing white label reseller then now is the time! Check out our competitive wholesale SMS pricing today!