Mobile Website: Writer’s New Best Friend

The Mobile Website | The Writer’s New Best Friend

A mobile website is a great way to reach your hungry for readers! Ever wondered how your independent publishing company will compete in the Digital Age? With SMS marketing and a mobile website, the impossible is now possible. With open rates at an overall 98%, readers are more likely to view a short poem via text, rather than pick up a book. What better way to draw their attention than to send a captivating snippet of your new novel or perhaps a haiku a day. Even better—encourage reader participation by creating surveys for upcoming topics or enable the comment reply on a keyword campaign to build the ultimate interactive community poem!

Share your works via a mobile website.

With our mobile website builder, you can go completely environmentally-friendly. Additionally, you can enable your readers to purchase eBooks and other merchandise directly from their phone. It’s the ultimate literary mCommerce. Build your very own catalog of physical and digital products to get them reading on the go. No one said mobile had to be all about short-hand tactics. Inspire others to imagine and indulge by making yourself or your company accessible at the touch of a finger.

Our mobile marketing platform will open up a new world of revenue in a dark age for printed literature. Let your database and easy texting abilities be a catalyst to your successful career in an industry and culture that is built on just that—text.

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