Tools for Small Business Mobile Marketing

Start Building Your Small Business’s Mobile Marketing plan.

Any marketer will tell local business owners how important a small business mobile marketing plan is. It is important to realize that consumers are mobile. Furthermore, these consumers regularly use mobile devices to read reviews, check out pricing, and to locate the best products to meet their needs. Businesses that have put a small business mobile marketing plan in place are utilizing mobile tools to make their brand and products easily accessible to their target audience. By using mobile communication, these small businesses are driving additional transactions and increasing revenue.

Five tools for Small Business Mobile Marketing

A plan for Mobile Marketing

Establish your goals. When you know where you are going it makes it easier to use the right tools to get there. Far too often we see businesses that start using mobile marketing without a plan. The businesses quickly find that their small business mobile marketing efforts are not as successful as they had hoped and abandon mobile marketing altogether. Meanwhile, businesses who have planned their marketing strategy are experiencing great successes in mobile marketing.

Text (SMS) Marketing

This is one of the most powerful and often underrated mobile marketing tools. With open rates hovering right beneath 100% SMS marketing makes sense. Text messages allow small businesses to place personal communications directly in the hands of their target audiences. This makes text marketing one of the most personal and intimate forms of small business mobile marketing available today.

Web-Based Kiosks

One of the keys to being successful with mobile marketing is building a database. In under a minute your customers can use a web-based kiosk to opt-in and receive marketing messages and special offers directly on their phone. Aggressive small businesses are rapidly growing their database by arming their staff with tablets and having them approach customers to have them opt-in.

Mobile Responsive Emails

One of the biggest misconceptions about mobile marketing is that email is no longer relevant. Mobile responsive emails are an important part of a small business marketing plan. They are a great way promote new products, share updates, and create more involved customer engagements. When done right a small business will incorporate their email campaign to work alongside their SMS marketing campaign. Drop a hint of a new product release on a Monday using SMS marketing,  and follow up with a mobile responsive email on Wednesday to explain the product in detail.

Mobile Website

 If you want your business to stand out in mobile searches, then a mobile website is required. Google has made recent updates and ranks businesses with mobile responsive websites higher on mobile searches. If this is not reason enough to incorporate a mobile website, then think about your customer. Over half of them are using mobile devices to search the web. If you don’t have a mobile presence online you are missing out on customers.

Getting started with Small Business Mobile Marketing

With a variety of mobile marketing application providers out there these services are readily available. AvidMobile provides the latest in mobile marketing technology, application and marketing support, and some of the most competitive pricing within the industry. We are here to help you achieve your goals regardless if you use our services directly or resell them to a white label provider. Take a moment to discover what our application has to offer, and grab your free trial today!