3 Must-Ask Questions For A Text Message Provider


If you’re in the process of looking for a text message provider, you’ve probably noticed that it can be pretty confusing to sort through the data and compare plans. It seems like every provider has a different structure, making it hard to compare apples to apples. (Trust us… that’s not by accident!) AvidMobile strives to make our pricing as transparent as humanly possible. Even so, you’ll probably want to get a few people on the phone and ask the serious questions before choosing your business partner. Here are 3 must-ask questions, in our opinion.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Send 1 Message?

Prices vary A LOT. So it’s important that you are able to break down the cost to basics. Some SMS providers use a credit-based system, where you agree to purchase a number of credits that translate to a tiered pricing structure. This is usually the case if you’re sending worldwide. For example, it might cost you 1 credit to send to the US and 2 credits to send to Germany. Other providers might charge you an SMS-based model, which means that all texts cost the same and you choose a flat rate based on how many messages you will send.

What Other Fees Will I Have To Pay, Besides The Per-Message Charge?

In this industry, if it sounds too good to be true — IT IS! Some SMS providers will post really, really low prices… only to sneak hidden fees into your final bill. (Anyone who has paid a Cable TV bill before knows what we’re talking about here!) Are there monthly charges? Are there fees for setup? Are there annual renewal fees? Are there fees if you need to upgrade to a new plan or cancel your service before the year’s end? These are all things you need to know! (PS. There are no setup or hidden fees with us!)

Are There Any Minimum Purchase Requirements?

Some gateway providers ask that you buy at least 1,000 credits. This type of SMS marketing can be a risky venture if you’re not sure how successful your campaigns will be. We recommend that all beginners start off with a flexible plan that allows you to start small and scale up when you need to. Here at AvidMobile, we pride ourselves in adaptability. Only buy what you need! Run your enterprise “lean and mean!”

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