SMS White Label Platform: How It Works!


Are you looking for a great low-barrier online industry to get into? Many Americans have the dream of working from home on their computers and enjoying greater schedule flexibility. Text message marketing is a great industry to pursue — whether you are a mother, a retiree, a disabled person, a college student, or an entrepreneur looking to diversify and make a little extra cash. It’s easy to learn, cheap to begin, and in high-demand for every business!

What Is SMS White Label Platform?

“SMS” stands for “Short Message Service.” In other words, it’s a text message that arrives on a mobile phone! A “platform” refers to the software you’ll use to create a business text message. Sure, people can just send and receive messages from their mobile phones, but imagine trying to mass market to hundreds of subscribers that way?? Clearly, there must be a better way. Best of all, YOU can provide that way for other business owners!

“White label” is a term used to describe a type of behind-the-scenes B2B service. Think about when you go to a grocery store and see the store’s brand name products on the shelves. You are not buying products from that store’s food fields and food production facilities. In reality, the supermarket chain paid another company for the rights to put their own label on the product.

Both companies end up churning a profit in the end and it’s really a win-win situation if you think about it. It’s much cheaper for the supermarket to work with another company that already has the infrastructure in place. It’s also much more profitable for the company to work with a supermarket that already has the consumer base.

AvidMobile Has The Mobile Marketing Platform…

Developing software to conduct mobile marketing on a large scale is hard work… and expensive! We paid a team of expert developers thousands of dollars to be one of the first online companies offering this service. We also spent years cultivating positive relationships with telecommunications companies to get sweet baby deals on bulk messaging. This makes your business MUCH easier to set up — not to mention quicker and cheaper.

Do You Have The Desire To Make Cash Online?

All you would need to do is pay a nominal monthly fee for access to our software. You can brand the platform and service as 100% YOUR OWN. We don’t mind at all! You would then create a website advertising your mobile marketing services to customers. You can charge however much you want. Of course, we are more than happy to guide you. In fact, we offer more than 40 hours of training videos to show you how to create more effective mobile marketing promotions. We want your business to be an instant smash success, so you will keep putting our platform to good use.

Call 1-877-511-MOBI today and speak with one of our SMS white label platform account executives to join the fastest growing advertising niche in the world!