Ten Ways to Improve Your SMS Marketing

Ten Ways to Improve Your SMS Marketing

Mobile SMS marketing is a powerful marketing tool utilized by businesses both large and small. The truth is that most small businesses do not need extensive SMS APIs to send SMS marketing messages. With the right application building SMS coupons, keyword campaigns, and sending SMS blasts is a straightforward process. AvidMobile works with multiple businesses of all sizes and understands that companies want to quickly be able to create SMS marketing campaigns. We’ve compiled ten easy tips to help you improve your SMS marketing strategy.


Think about the keyword.

When planning out keyword campaigns you don’t want the keyword to be too long. This will increase the chance for user error when opting in and may even discourage some from opting in at all.

Create multiple keyword campaigns.

Consumers opt into keyword campaigns because they perceive a value. By creating several focused keyword campaigns a business can segment the audience focus their remarketing efforts.

Use a web kiosk.

Sometimes it’s not easy to access your smartphone. A web kiosk allows customers to enter their number via a PC, tablet, or smartphone device and opt into receiving SMS marketing messages.

Create a Contest

Text to win contests is a great way to engage consumers. A well thought out contest creates excitement and buzz for your brand.

Keyword Coupons are key.

Customers love saving money and getting the best deal. One of the easiest and quickest ways to grow a database is offering a discount or exclusive offer. SMS coupons are a wonderful tool to accomplish that.

Use SMS Blasts to keep the audience updated.

Have a new location opening? Launching a new product? Use an SMS blast to share the latest news. With SMS blasts brands can include a shortened URL to share even more information with their audience.

Drive Traffic with SMS Coupons.

Businesses who understand their audience can send custom personalized offers at exactly the right time. Built a list of young professionals? Send them a blast coupon for a free appetizer at happy hour.

Remember to Keep it Social.

With a little extra work, businesses can expand their reach on social media. Provide customers additional discounts or offers when they share their coupons on social media. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

Consistency is key.

Marketers have learned that consumers respond best regularly scheduled offers. Businesses should not randomly send SMS marketing messages. Scheduling messages and delivering on the same schedule will train the audience and let them know when to expect the next marketing message.

Don’t be afraid to get creative.

SMS marketing is a flexible tool that can be used to meet a variety of marketing and communication needs. Brands shouldn’t shy away from creativity when it comes to engaging their audience via SMS. There are a variety of SMS marketing providers out there and choosing one can be a daunting task. AvidMobile provides the SMS tools, training, and best pricing to help you get started right way with SMS marketing. In addition, we partner with resellers who are looking to resell SMS marketing.

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