Can your Mobile Marketing Application do this?

Can your Mobile Marketing Application do this?

Due to advances in technology, mobile marketing application ideas and concepts are progressing quickly. AvidMobile’s white label partners recognize this. In fact, they are profiting by selling mobile marketing services. There are several things potential resellers should look for in a white label provider. AvidMobile has worked hard to build an application that provides our resellers exactly that. We certainly offer the latest tools, in-depth training, quality support, and competitive pricing.

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A well rounded mobile marketing application provides a reseller with the versatility needed to create custom packages to make money.
At AvidMobile we work alongside our SMS resellers to create the perfect package to close more clients and drive revenue with up-sells.

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When looking at white label providers examine their entire pricing plan. For instance, we have structured AvidMobile’s pricing to provide price breaks for increased messaging volume. After all, this is why our partners make more money in the long term.

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