5 Reasons You Need SMS Marketing

5 Reasons Your Business needs SMS Marketing

Just like commercials, email, and print advertising, SMS marketing has become a standard part of the marketing plan. Today, text messaging is used for more than chatting with friends. SMS is a powerful tool used to create personal engagements and drive additional transactions. If your business has not incorporated SMS marketing the AvidMobile team has listed five reasons why you should.

Only serious customers opt-in

SMS marketing databases are built via customer opt-ins. By creating exciting offers, brands are able to engage their audience. When a customer opts in to receive SMS messages they can perceive a brand value.  The customers are invested in your brand they want to learn about your products, receive specials, and news about your brand.

SMS engages

Brands that utilize SMS marketing are engaging their customers on a personal level. Messages are precisely crafted and delivered to the handset at the right  moment. This creates a personal bond between the brand and their consumers. SMS marketing can be used to drive social engagements, remind customers of special offers, and even create excitement for limited engagements.

You can do a lot with 160 Characters

With a limited number of characters brands don’t focus on the fluff. Most SMS campaigns consists of one or two sentences and a URL. This makes it easy for the target audience to read the entire audience and grasp the content.

It works with any budget

No matter the size of your business, there is a SMS marketing application and plan for any budget. Most application providers have a small monthly fee and charge only a few cents for each SMS message. SMS marketing is more affordable than a variety of traditional forms of marketing. In addition, it produces a much higher ROI.

Flexibility is key

With a little planning SMS marketing can be used in a variety of different ways. Depending on your needs you can create basic SMS campaigns, text-to-win contests, and even conduct polls. Many businesses opt to build custom mobile coupons with exciting mobile-only offers to engage their customers. By including a link to video, website, or social media page customers can interact with your brand on a variety of different levels.
No matter what industry you are in, SMS marketing should be part of your marketing plan. SMS marketing success speaks for itself. In 2014, 91% of consumers that opted in to receive SMS marketing text messages from businesses found them to be useful and helpful. Try it out for yourself. Grab a free SMS marketing trial today!