SMS Marketing: 5 Successful Campaign Types

SMS Marketing: 5 Successful Campaign Types

An SMS marketing campaign is a powerful tool with a great deal of versatility. No matter what your business’s marketing needs might be, there is an SMS marketing campaign to go with it. To explain why we have listed 5 of our favorite SMS marketing campaign types and reasons why we like them!

Keyword Campaign

Keyword campaigns are the most common SMS marketing campaign type. With custom keywords, brands can create unique opt-ins and custom reply messages. In addition, you can insert a link and direct members straight to your mobile website, donation page, or latest YouTube video.

Keyword Coupon Campaign

The redeemable keyword coupon campaign is the most popular SMS marketing campaign type for providing the audience with a discount or special promotion. Just like the keyword campaign, the end user interacts with the campaign via a custom keyword and reply message. With a keyword coupon, you can create a one- time redeemable coupon. As a matter of fact, you can add a custom image, promotion details, and business contact information. Tracking campaign effectiveness is easy as reporting will display coupons that have been redeemed.

Blast/Coupon Blast

For businesses that have scaled up their databases, sending a standard blast or blast coupled with a coupon is a great way to engage customers. An especially important part of SMS marketing is remarketing, and with the blast campaign type businesses can do that. A blast is a great way to remind customers of upcoming specials, talk about new products, or even link them to your latest promo video. With coupon blasts, businesses can send mobile exclusive offers directly to their database. No matter what type of blast campaign you choose you are significantly engaging your brand.

Text to Win

Text-to-win campaigns can create excitement for a store opening or an existing business. People love the chance to win a prize. With the option to have one winner, multiple winners, or every 50th person to opt-in as a winner, this SMS marketing tool provides options. We have seen businesses provide discounts, merchandise, and gift certificates to customers using text-to-win.

Auto Responder

With automated responses, you can schedule a message to be automatically delivered minutes, hours, or even days later. Just like a keyword campaign, customers will opt-in and receive the initial reply message. Depending on your needs you can schedule a second or third message to follow depending on your SMS marketing campaign. Quick service oil changes use this campaign type because they can send an automated reminder 90 days from now reminding their customers that it’s been three months since their last oil change.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool to opt-in customers and remarket to them. There are numerous businesses out there that are using these services to increase transactions. You can check out AvidMobile’s SMS marketing application. It provides the latest in mobile marketing technology. Get started with a trial account today.