5 Ways To Create Exciting Mobile Coupons

5 Ways To Create Exciting Mobile Coupons

Consumers love to save money and are conducting the research to do so. The same goes for mobile consumers. A recent article from Mobile Commerce Daily reported that 96% of mobile consumers will search for mobile coupons. This means consumers are opting for mobile-friendlyC email campaigns as well as SMS marketing campaigns in order to gain access to mobile discounts. The AvidMobile team has compiled five tips for creating exciting mobile coupons and offers.

One | Create quality mobile coupons.

No matter what the promotion is that a brand is offering it must be exciting and create a unique value for the customer. A well, thought out offers provide a value proposition that consumers have a difficult time saying No to.

  • Consumers prefer dollars off discounts. By offering $5, $10, or some other dollar discount that the consumer can easily understand the savings. Brands should try to avoid percentage discounts unless they are offering a high percentage off of their product or service.
  • Consumers like to receive a bonus. Provide buy one get one free deal or offer an additional product or service for free a purchase of a specific product.
  • Create exclusivity or a premium offer. By sending focused offers to specific consumers you create a sense of exclusivity.

Two | Create a Quality Headline

Creating an attention-grabbing headline is important. The consumer should be able to glance at the headline to fully understand the offer. A relaxed headline does not create the excitement that grabs consumers attention.

Three | Highlight the benefit.

Consumers purchase products because they enhance their life. In addition to creating a unique value with the offer, it is important for a brand to highlight the benefits of the product. A short sentence or a few bullet points can help identify the benefits of the product.

Four | Combine marketing channels.

When sending out mobile coupons check out your databases. If you are sending a mobile-friendly email with a mobile coupon make sure it is focused on that database. If you are using an SMS mobile coupon and blasting out an offer customize the offer to that particular audience. Producing specific offers based on marketing channel will show your customers that you understand them and how they communicate.

Five | Test & re-test.

When using mobile coupons it is important to test out different messages and marketing channels. Brands that monitor and track coupon reporting can improve their offers and presentation and drive additional coupon redemptions. Taking the time to find out what works best is essential to mobile coupon success.

Final thoughts on mobile coupons.

By implementing a mobile coupon campaign a business creates the opportunity to attract new customers and drive additional transactions from existing customers. When building a mobile coupon campaign it is important to do the homework in order to build unique offers that that evoke the desired response from the consumer. AvidMobile provides an interface that can create both SMS coupons and email coupons. Starting building mobile coupons with a free trial account.