Why Should You Resell Mobile Coupons?

Resell Mobile Coupons for Profit

Currently there are agencies and individuals who resell mobile coupons for additional revenue. In short SMS marketers and AvidMobile understand the profit potential in SMS marketing.  For this reason the retail and restaurant industry are two of the largest clients for those who resell mobile coupons!  Mobile coupons can, if done correctly,  increase foot traffic and help generate more money at the end of the month. This is accomplished by getting your current clients to shop in different isles and buy more!

Four reasons to resell mobile coupons.

Mobile coupons are the digital version of sales coupons from your local newspaper. Notably SMS coupons help shoppers save money without needing a pair of scissors. In fact consumers no longer have to work their way through the local papers. Unlike web based coupons, the mobile variety requires no paper or printer ink. This provides retailers with a truly innovative green coupon.

  1. Mobile coupons can be delivered to a user’s cell phone via text message. In fact users can download them using a Smartphone application. These SMS coupons are measurable too. Retailers can generate and add a bar code and can them directly from your cell phone. In addition any quality SMS application should provide reporting redemption.
  2. The coolest thing about mobile coupons is that your clients customers don’t have to be tech savvy to take advantage of the latest ad savings campaigns.
  3. Mobile coupons will be available to your clients data base in three forms:  text messages that are sent directly to the consumer from your client, smartphone applications and social networking sites.
  4. The simplest means of getting your clients to offer the coupons is for them to get their customers to visit their website and sign up to receive text message savings. 

Some final thoughts for those looking to resell mobile coupons.

Mobile coupons have been in use for almost ten years. Text messaging and those who resell mobile coupons have made this widely available for local businesses. Last year, Juniper Research released a study predicting that mobile coupon usage would triple by 2014, with more than 300 million people expected to adopt the technology.

Do you see the advantages of reselling mobile coupons?


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