6 Brands Who Have Nailed Their Mobile Strategy

How can I build the perfect mobile strategy?

Today we’re taking a look at 6 brands who have nailed their mobile strategy. An effective mobile strategy is increasingly the key consideration for all brands. It’s not just about embracing the opportunities provided by new technology but giving customers the agile and personalized experience they now demand.

Catering to mobile users has long ceased to be an afterthought but there’s still much room for improvement. With 40% of users heading to a competitor after a bad mobile experience, it’s essential that your strategy reaches the right people in the right way.

This article looks at 6 brands who have nailed their mobile strategy. More specifically focusing on some of the specific campaigns that help them stand out from the competition.

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6 Brands who Have nailed their Mobile Strategy

Nike has always been streets ahead when it comes to marketing their brand.

From their iconic Swoosh logo to their JUST DO IT slogan, Nike has always been streets ahead when it comes to marketing their brand.

It should come as no surprise that the clothing company are at the forefront of mobile thinking. They have been quick to embrace the use of video “moments” – one of the key tools at a brands disposal in 2018.

A marketing highlight of 2017 was Nike’s #Breaking2 campaign. Personalized prompts were used to encourage people to tune in to an attempt at breaking the 2-hour marathon. By tapping into this community spirit and creating a common cause for its followers, the campaign became the biggest-ever brand-driven live streaming event on Twitter.

This innovative brand visibility is exactly why Nike is at the forefront of mobile strategy.

Is there something you can do to capture the attention of your followers and create your own moment? Think about how you can connect with your audience and build a sense of community within them. You could create a campaign, or news jack an issue, on the premise of asking your customers to send in pictures, content, or videos that will be shared on your social media

Adidas is a brand that knows its audience.

Such is the strength of Adidas’ mobile strategy, it would be wrong to talk about Nike without mentioning their fiercest rival.
Adidas is a brand that knows its audience – an impressionable and youthful customer base who react well to celebrity endorsements. Take a look at their Instagram page. You’ll be met with both iconic sporting faces like Lionel Messi and hip fashion icons such as Karlie Kloss, all looking comfortable in their branded apparel.

They have also embraced influencers who can champion their brand from outside the official accounts. One example of this is the way they effectively utilized a pool of amateur footballers to help design and promote their Glitch app and footwear.

Where the celebs offer the aspirational, the identifiable nature of these influencers is a proven strategy in securing customer engagement.

If you know someone who is loyal to your brand and likes to shout out what you do? Why not turn them into an influencer of your own. Your customers value the opinions of their peers above brand statements. Influences could be an ideal source of influence if you can get them to shout about your brand online. Of course, if you happen to know Karlie Kloss then she might be able to help too…

Gatorade provides a mobile strategy that is both informative and entertaining.

The beverage giant has seamlessly blended their mission of helping fuel athletes so that they can perform at their best their mobile strategy. This is both informative and entertaining.

One thing that plays into their hands is that their target audience are digital natives and completely used to spending large parts of their day online. (particularly on their smartphones)

What’s impressive is how they’ve made the most of that audience. In particular by embracing the potential of Snapchat, launching a number of campaigns via the platform.

One of their most innovative ideas was to create a bespoke game to celebrate Serena William’s participation in the 2016 US Open. Reaching 7.3 million people, they were then able to tie it in with a promotional code on their beverage bottles which would unlock an additional game.

Being innovative can be the difference between your business grabbing people’s attention and drifting by unnoticed. This is particularly important if you are tweaking your company brand, or if you have invested in a new business that requires a re-brand. Standing out from the crowd is a difficult trick to nail, but by taking inspiration from Gatorade’s innovative approach your marketing strategy you give can yourself a great chance of doing that.

Walmart has grown their online mobile strategy.

There’s nothing like having to compete with Amazon to get those innovative juices flowing. In fact, it’s that challenge which has fueled many of Walmart’s recent online decisions.

You can see that in their partnering with Google to offer hundreds of thousands of items for voice shopping via Google Assistant. The service also allows customers to link their existing Walmart account with Google Express to get highly personalized offers and deals.

They’ve also recently announced an alliance with Rakuten in order to produce their own e-reader which will rival the Kindle and create a mobile app on iOS and Android which will provide access to e-books to those without a reader.

This might not be the flashiest online strategy but it’s a highly successful one aimed at making the consumer’s life easier.

A successful online strategy isn’t just about content. Are there connections you can make that will improve the efficiency and breadth of your service?

Macallan is using augmented reality to reach customers

We need to mention the increasing popularity of augmented reality (AR) and how its implementation can play an important role in a brand’s online strategy.

They are not the only liquor company to use this technology. Macallan, distillers of single malt Scotch whiskey, are a fantastic example of how AR can improve the customer experience.

By using ARKit for iOS 11 they’ve developed The Macallan 12 AR Experience app.  Upon scanning a bottle of whiskey, this gives users a glimpse into the wood sourcing-process. This deepens their knowledge of the whiskey-making process.
The app can be used at home, in the store, or in a bar/restaurant. It is a great way to captivate the Macallan audience and strengthen their bond with the brand.

People love to be knowledgeable in the areas where their passions lie. If you can invite them into your world in an innovative way you’ll be forging a stronger relationship with your customers

Starbucks is a brand who has been able to harness both the storytelling potential of an effective online strategy

Starbucks is a brand who has been able to harness both the storytelling potential of an effective online strategy and the ways it can improve the customer experience.

One of the most impressive aspects of their approach is the way this strategy streamlines the in-store experience for their patrons. Together with their app you can place and pay for your customized orders as well as earn and track rewards. Simple things which save time and breed loyalty.

Of course, we also need to mention the way they’ve embraced the quirks of their customers and turned them into a fundamental part of their online story – exhibited wonderfully by their attention-grabbing Unicorn Frappuccino recipe. In these ways, Starbucks is the very cream of online strategists.

Starbucks success proves the importance of thinking about the customer in every part of your online strategy. In fact,  it should be at the front of your mind when making any choice – whether creative or commercial.

Final thoughts on building your mobile strategy.

It’s no coincidence that the brands with the most successful mobile strategies are often the leaders in their chosen field. As a result these companies, whether clothing manufacturer, coffee chain or sports beverage have always understood the importance of marketing and the relationship with their customer.

Of course, they also have vast budgets and manpower. In General knowing what their customers want and knowing how to give it to them these brands grew. These days, that means understanding how to use the vast array of online resources that are available.

By implementing these 6 strategies you’ll be giving your brand the best chance of becoming the next Starbucks.

Victoria Greene is a branding consultant and freelance writer. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she tackles various topics within digital, mobile, and social media marketing. She is passionate about using her experience to help brands develop their marketing strategy.