AvidMobile Text Marketing Business News

Every once in a while, your friends at AvidMobile have some text marketing business news we’d like to share with you. Keeping you abreast of our latest happenings will help you see why we’re the top provider of mobile marketing technology, training, and services. Whether you’ve been our customer for years or you’ve just discovered our website for the first time, we want you to know and love us!

New Mobile Coupon Module Released May 14th!

Mobile coupons are all the rage these days, so your text marketing business simply must have an easy way of creating and sharing them with subscribers. Our new mobile coupon module makes it easier than ever to generate a unique coupon that is fully integrated with your online e-commerce store and/or retail locations. Mobile coupons are inexpensive, instantaneous, and able to be shared across channels to maximize the exposure of your ad campaigns. Best of all, you’ll be able to analyze, track and optimize your coupons in real time.

Get Not One — But Two — Short Codes With AvidMobile!

Did we ever tell you that we provide TWO short codes to all of our resellers in the United States? That means you can count on us to have no down-time! Sometimes catastrophes happen, but that doesn’t mean your entire promotion has to collapse. If there were any issues with a code — say, if someone started spamming — there would be a back-up code live and ready to go, so you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Having two codes also means that you can check for your desired keywords on the other code if they are not available on one.

AvidMobile Reaches Out To Real Estate Agents…

AvidMobile understands that real estate agents need a mobile marketing strategy to better serve their clients. That’s why we’re offering special services for the industry. We’ll provide in-depth training to show you how to use our technology to automate new listing notifications, send out mobile coupons, link clients to your newsletters, send out real-time announcements, conduct surveys, and track subscriber statistics.

AvidMobile Support Surpasses Industry Standards!

Perhaps the most exciting news from your favorite text message advertising provider is that we’ve bulked up our customer support team. We are now the ONLY company offering 1-on-1 SALES training! Many companies will offer tech training so you understand how to use their text message marketing software, but they won’t show you how to create effective campaigns that translate into more sales to help your bottom line. We do!

Thanks for taking this time to keep up with AvidMobile news. We’re always looking for ways to better serve our valued clients, so shoot us an email with comments, questions or suggestions. If you’re new to our site, feel free to contact AvidMobile to learn more about our mobile marketing platform