Short Code Marketing: Why 2 Codes Are Better Than 1

Logan Wenger, one of our short code marketing customers, says that Trumpia is okay for beginners, but “Avid Mobile is for the serious SMS text message marketer.” He says that he “had a really good experience” using our White Label package, which had all the features he needed, such as:

– 30+ Short Codes
– Appointment Reminders
– Auto Generate Web Optin Script
– Auto-Responder
– Data Collection
– Dedicated Short Codes
– Fully Documented API
– Keyword Campaigns
– No Monthly Text Limitations
– Resellers Free US Shortcode
– Shared Short Codes
– SMS and MMS Message Delivery
– Text2Vote
– Text2Win
– Text2Screen
– Text2Survey

With White Label packages as low as $150/month, we offer loads of training videos to show you just how to use our software, PowerPoint presentations to help you close sales, and 24/7 customer support to make sure you’re never in-the-dark.

Shared Short Code Marketing

People often wonder whether they should get a dedicated or a shared short code for their promotions. There are pros and cons to both.

Shared short codes are the fastest way to get your promotion up and running within 10 seconds. There are very little additional costs involved, other than the fee per message. That makes the shared short code ideal for beginners. On the downside, you are sharing a code, so you could run into trouble if someone else on your code is spamming people — causing an outage or causing people to unsubscribe from the list. To combat this, Avid Mobile offers every client not ONE short code — but TWO! So you will never have to worry about downtime!

Dedicated Short Code Marketing

Dedicated short codes are good for large national brands. Some brands personalize their codes with numbers that are easy-to-remember — like Pepsi (73775) or Palms Hotel in Las Vegas (95959). The user experience is also a bit better, since people can just text one keyword in directly, rather than texting a keyword and an action word. On the downside, dedicated short codes can be expensive. You have to pay, plus you’ll have to pay monthly fees to maintain and host the code. It usually takes about 10 weeks to get approved and you’ll need to pay a one-time set-up fee as well. Avid Mobile helps you reserve a keyword and delve into AvidMobile short code marketing right away, without all this waiting around.

Want More Info On Short Code Marketing With Avid Mobile?

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