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Our blog often talks about the importance of a mobile marketing application for business in general. Yet, some industries are particularly well-suited for mobile marketing promotions. Take, for instance, the fitness industry. In order for a fitness trainer to be wildly successful and drive referrals, he or she needs to remain in close contact with clients. It’s not enough to simply see a person for sessions a few times a week. Instead, the best fitness trainers communicate with clients on a day-to-day basis and make sure they are an invaluable part of their clients’ lives.

Why Is Mobile Advertising Great For Fitness Pros?

According to Christian Aguirre, a fitness trainer in San Francisco’s East Bay Area, “Text marketing is great because it’s cheap, it has a higher open rate compared to email marketing, and you can get immediate response for your offers.” He adds that mobile marketing is ideal for any fitness business.

How Do Personal Trainers Use Mobile Apps To Improve Service?

Aguirre explains that he encourages his clients to share a one-week or two-week “free boot camp” or “free personal training sessions” pass via text messaging. The script reads something along the lines of: I just signed up at this AMAZING boot camp and the owner is offering a week pass to the first 5 of my friends that respond. Text me now!  Since the message is coming from a trusted friend, response rates are better and the sense of scarcity created by quantifying who can get the offer generally drives business sooner, rather than later. Best of all, there is no waiting involved. When trainers have access to mobile marketing software, they can develop this promotion in real-time and implement it immediately.

Are You Wondering Where To Find A Mobile Marketing Platform?

Avid Mobile is your leading source of mobile marketing technology. Why? Well, first — we’ve been around long before mobile marketing even became “cool” and we were one of the pioneers of mobile platforms. Secondly, we are totally dedicated to providing our marketers with all the training they need to do an excellent job. In fact, we have over 40 hours of powerpoint presentations and other training materials designed to help you make the most effective mobile campaigns possible! Yet, you should also note that our text marketing software is extremely easy to use.

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