Benefits of being an AvidMobile White Label Reseller

Taking advantage of a white label reseller package of any sort is an immediate game changer against the competition in your market, niche or neighborhood.

Being able to provide a white label platform to your client will:

  1. Give you the opportunity to place them on YOUR platform and YOUR technology.
  2. Give your client the confidence that you know what you are doing without them knowing that you are a reseller.
  3. As an AvidMobile white label reseller, you have a team that you can fall back on for marketing, presentation and technology support and ideas to make sure your white label business runs like a well-oiled machine.

While we do not support your clients, our white label resellers can have one of us on the phone with a prospective client as your “tech-guy” or “marketing guru” and not mention AvidMobile. We become a part of your company without the extra W-2 form!

Given the amount of content that is provided to our white label resellers, there is also the benefit of white labeling more than just your platform. We have presentations, proposals, and pricing guides which can ALL be rebranded to fit the mold of your business and your white label business model. Need to build a mobile website for a company? You can do that and you can make it a part of their domain name. Need to drive more traffic to your company? AvidMobile provides our white label resellers and partners with programs that will generate more reach which in turn will generate more revenue and credibility!

These are just a handful of the benefits of the AvidMobile white label reseller program that will get you well on your way to running a successful business. Remember, we don’t compete against you, we compete with you. It wouldn’t make sense to provide you a platform and never speak to you again, your growth is our growth so let’s work together and build more competitive businesses on a levels!