The Importance of Typography in your Mobile Marketing Site

It’s safe to say that at this juncture in the world of business and marketing that most of us realize the importance of having a website to promote our company and brand. By utilizing the internet as a tool for marketing and advertising as a tool to reach more potential customers, but also what your company website shows the world about what your company has to offer is practically imperative in our world of short lived attention spans. Often times, the first impression a potential client or customer may see of your business may very well be your website. That being said, knowing that most users who visit a website on average may only be on the website for a few minutes tops (unless they are encouraged to view more of the site, which relies on a variety of factors,) it’s not only important to have a mind-blowing online visual presence, it’s vital to your business, and your brand as a whole.

Today I want to discuss one aspect that will either make or break your company website: Typography. Typography refers to the ease and readability of the content on your website, as well as the straightforwardness of navigation.

Here are a few basics to make sure that your potential clients can read the message you’re trying to portray.

Limited Number of Fonts

This is something of a no-brainer in the design world, but in reality, there are many offenders. With the immense amount of font faces available these days, especially now with the ability to utilize Google Web Fonts on a website, it’s easy to go a little crazy. That doesn’t mean you should. Three is the basic max number for font faces used in one website. When it comes to novelty font faces, I would say one at the most.


Line Height and Spacing

Line height and spacing are critical in making your company website easy to read for your website visitors. While this may be something largely unnoticed, trust me that it will be noticeable when done incorrectly. If the line spacing between sentences is too tight, the text will become hard to read and thus, legibility is greatly influenced. Make sure to give your copy enough room to breathe, or else you may lose out on potential clients. No one wants to try to decode a homepage message. They simply won’t, and will look elsewhere.


Use of Color

Color utilization is one of the most important factors in not only typography, but design as a whole. Thought largely unnoticeable to the average consumer, the color choices used in any given design greatly impact the potential customers reaction to the product, whether that be a bag of chips or a website. I can’t say enough about how important color is to the overall design of your company product. Color affects our senses in different ways, and while largely subliminal, it’s importance should not be overlooked.


Post written for the AvidMobile Blog.