Budweiser Uses Mobile to Promote a Party

United Beverage Company a Budweiser distributor out of Kansas City, Missouri was looking for a solution to a couple different problems.

  • They were promoting a party to their current clients to get them in to test out different beers they carry to increase the number of products purchased from their current network of clients.
  • When the clients were in venue, they wanted to interact with them in a way that would also showcase the type of interaction that UBC could offer in their stores, Text.

The Solutions:

UBC turned to AvidMobile to help promote the party.  Simply each of the UBC reps went to the business owners when they were doing their deliveries and invited them to the party by getting the owners to Text a keyword to their short code.  The virtual invitation was then delivered right to their clients cell-phone.  This allowed UBC to then send out text reminders of the event a week before and 4 hours before the actual event, resulting in a larger turn-out and more product awareness.

During the event itself the customers that were there texted in to another Keyword for a chance to win various door prizes from a canoe to a flatscreen TV.  These prizes were awarded throughout the night for engagement and awareness.

The display of Mobile Text2Win during the event brought awareness of how UBC could create giveaways in the clients venues and engage their customers easily.  Thus creating a database of their customers that could later be used to promote sales or events and result in increased revenue and transactions.