Connecting the Mobile Marketing Dots


The beauty of mobile is that it really isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be.  Fundamentally there is one key component.  This component is exactly the same as what has been done with email over the years.  Build your mobile database as fast as humanly possible, then take that database and communicate with it regularly to enhance your brand, stay top-of-mind, drive sales, drive website traffic, or deliver offers.  Whether you are a new mobile marketing company, a regular business, a reseller, or even a network marketing company these are truisms.

What makes it so difficult to start getting wide-spread adoption?  Most people are still ignorant of the reasons why building an SMS database is important.
•    Forrester says on average the open rate of a text message 99%, compared to an open rate of 20% for email.
•    Mobile phone users have their phone by them every second of the day, the timeliness of your offers are all the more enhanced.
•    Mobile phone numbers don’t change nearly as often as email addresses so today that makes it the most important contact information anyone can ever get for their potential or current customer.

So when we say, do everything humanly possible to capture mobile phone numbers, we mean everything.

Convert your web forms to have mandatory fields for mobile phone number entry.  Use a SMS API and instantly deliver a text-message confirmation upon web-submission and get your users to opt-in for mobile as well.  Whether you have field reps meeting people face-to-face or your customers are at the cash register, make it as easy as possible to get their mobile phone number.

Use SMS transaction notifications, Mobile coupons, or just hand each person your virtual business card and get them to opt-in at that time.  Integrate mobile SMS keywords and short codes into your broadcast media to get potential new customers to opt-in.

If your business isn’t consistently using the same methods of capturing mobile phone numbers that we used to use to capture email addresses, you simply are doing it wrong.

Want to learn the easiest way to start building mobile databases today?  The AvidMobile team can discuss some quick tactics and set you up to build your databases starting tomorrow.  A month from now you can start delivering mobile coupons, text reminders, or simple text-message notifications of your sales and link right to your mobile friendly ad or circular.

The biggest mistake you can make today is not building a mobile database.

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