Too early to think Black Friday 2015?

When do smart marketers start planning for next year’s Black Friday?  Well usually the Saturday following when they look at other companies sales and their own numbers and start to ponder how they can improve for the upcoming year. These marketers are committed to exceeding last year’s sales numbers and grabbing even more market share from competitors. Well let’s discuss a solution that will blow their previous massive sale day out of the water and steal business from their competition.

This success starts by building a SMS (text-message) mobile database today.  These databases are built using a point-of-sale campaign in which the business asks every single customer to opt in.  Businesses are engaging customers from their website, during face-to-face transactions, via advertisements, and a variety of other forms of media.

There are multiple ways to get customers to join a mobile database.
•    Ask them to opt-in via a tablet and reward them with an instant mobile coupon.
•    Attach a card to the top of their receipt instructing them to text a custom keyword to the short code and in return receive a special offer.
•    During a website conversion they might have a form that asks for a “Mobile” phone number and assuming they have the appropriate terms and conditions and a check-box that they client could uncheck they can send the customer an immediate SMS through the API and opt that customer in.

As the year goes on companies that have started building their mobile database will see their list of potential customers grow. By the end of the year many of these databases of mobile phone numbers will have thousands, tens of thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of phone numbers.

Now what can they do?  These business can send a text out to those databases a week before Black Friday telling customers, “Click here and check out our HOT Black Friday sales,” .  In addition many of these businesses will include a link to their mobile friendly circular ad that contains their best Black Friday Deals.  To create even more excitement businesses can schedule a text to go out Thanksgiving night giving mobile users a special Black Friday ONLY one-time redeemable mobile coupon.

Guess whose business now makes the list for Black Friday shopping?

Have a great M-Commerce site and want to drive Black Friday online sales? This year Walmart’s M-commerce site reach almost 1.5 billion page views and drove countless sales on Black Friday.  Mobile commerce daily (link to  It’s simple to send an SMS Text Message on Black Friday with a link to your M-Commerce site and watch the sales multiply as people fill their virtual carts.

The time to start planning and building lists is now. Contact us today and we can collaborate with you and help you create your offers, your mobile coupons, and your SMS marketing campaigns. This is all accomplished using one of the best mobile marketing applications known to man!
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