Dedicated Short Codes vs Shared Short Codes, which is best for your business?

When starting off in mobile, it’s important to know the differences between dedicated short codes and shared short codes.  A Short Code can either be dedicated to your brand/enterprise or it can be shared among various brand campaigns and applications.  A Dedicated Short Code is one that you own personally and is not being shared by other businesses or consumers.

Our current president of the US has his own dedicated short code which happens to be his last name (Obama) 62262 while Senator Hillary Clinton uses a shared short code in her campaigning efforts.

Here are some side by side comparisons on the pros and cons of shared vs. dedicated.

More information:

Shared Short Codes Dedicated Short Codes
Can be a fast and inexpensive way to launch your campaign.  Small set up and monthly involved. Can range in the neighborhood of $4K – $6K to get it going.
Is owned by one business who shares it with others. Owned by you and does not share it.
Instant access to begin campaigns for your business.  Fastest way to get into the space. Takes 2-4 months to get access to it to begin your campaigns
You may or may not own the data All of the data captured belongs to you
Not brand friendly Brand Friendly