Resell Mobile Coupons to Businesses to Increase ROI

Resell Mobile Coupons to Businesses to Increase ROI– Mobile Couponing in today’s world has got to be one of the cheapest forms of marketing with one of the highest returns on investment compared to other forms of traditional advertising/marketing.  It costs literally cents to send out sms text messages to customers with mobile coupons to encourage those loyalties to come back into the store location to purchase products or services for a great deal while increasing profits for that company. Printing off coupons or direct mail pieces, etc. can literally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and those companies are trying to accomplish the same exact thing. So why spend thousands of dollars when you can spend pennies? That is the question we are asking so many businesses today when approaching them about mobile marketing. A great way to get your foot in the door is by asking them what advertising mediums they already have in place for their business and to explain to them the benefit of doing mobile marketing instead while at the same time saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. You can get the same results, spend less money and reach your customers in a matter of seconds; it kind of seems like a no brainer!

Partnering up with a company who has the technology to send out these sophisticated mobile coupons right to customers’ phones is key. Finding a company that can give you the best pricing to go out and resell those mobile coupons will benefit both the reseller and the direct client using mobile marketing because of the profits involved in this particular type of advertising. At AvidMobile not only can we give you the best pricing out there in space but we can also provide you with the most sophisticated mobile marketing coupons to setup for your direct clients when managing their mobile marketing campaigns.

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