Mobile Marketing Platform: 2012 Is The Year


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Since the cell phone’s inception, people have been predicting that the mobile marketing platform would take off as the dominant form of advertising. Yet, it’s clear that we have never been closer for this medium to take off and expand. Consumers these days are gobbling up mobile everything — be it a tablet, an app, or a mobile website.

Of course, advertisers know that this pattern is evident, but they are slow to adapt mobile technology for several reasons.

1. It simply takes time to adjust to any new phenomenon. It’s like the difference between offline and online marketing and requires a totally innovative approach to marketing. Before hastily adopting the mobile platform, many businesses are looking at what the early adopters are doing to see what’s working and what has flopped.

2. There have been a few mobile marketing platform gaps in efficiency (which we mentioned in a previous blog.) Newer companies may still be “working out the kinks,” so to speak. However, here at AvidMobile, our software has been well-tested over the years and we’re beyond the hiccups phase.

However, it is safe to say that the distance is narrowing, as more and more marketers employ mobile technology to advertise more effectively in 2012.

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2012

1. Demand Will Increase Advertisers are looking for better consumer engagement and immediate Return-On-Investment — two things that mobile marketing platforms can readily provide.

2. Location-Based Advertising Will Catch On This year, more advertisers will use mobile alerts to drive local business. Right now about 50 percent of all businesses are focusing their online marketing efforts on engaging local traffic to their retail stores, so it only makes sense that they will use mobile technology to send out timely, relevant coupons and announcements when they need in-store traffic to surge.

3. Rich Media Will Improve The Quality of Advertising Rich media ads like video content, animations and games are rated higher by consumers who are tired of drab banner ads and static flyers. Mobile marketing is the best way to deliver high-quality multimedia presentations and advertisers are starting to take notice!

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Right now, you could say it is “the calm before the storm.” Companies are starting to mobilize and choose mobile marketing platform providers and white label partners. Opportunity and capability are coming together to bring marketers and audiences just what they want.

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