Getting in the Door with SMS Private Labels

Everyone who’s sold any kind of advertising is always looking for the next best thing. Whether you’re a print product or a radio station or a website, finding a way to get clients to meet with you is one of the hardest things to do. Whether it’s trying to get a new client to use your products or trying to up sell an existing client, having a reason to call them that not only interests them, but something that is backed by your company makes getting a meeting that much easier. Adding our SMS Private Labels to your line of products can definitely give reason for clients to want to meet with you to see your new product.

The way that White Labeling works is that we put YOUR brand on our product so that you can resell it to your clients. That way you can leverage your brand’s success and popularity with a new product to show to your clients. Whether they’re using your SMS program to integrate into the marketing they’re doing with other companies or on social media, or as a part of a larger marketing plan that they’re doing with you, it’s a great way to boost revenue and efficacy without the exorbitant costs of setting up the SMS service yourself. We’ve done all the technical work for you, now all you have to do is go out and sell.

The benefits of SMS advertising are endless, and considering the differential in read rates between SMS Marketing and Email, it’s an invaluable tool to anyone who is selling marketing. On top of it’s efficacy, the cost on a CPM basis is extremely low. All of your clients, and any perspective client should be very excited to hear about YOUR new product. With AvidMobile’s SMS Private Label service, your sales people should be getting meetings and signing contracts like never before.