Grow Your Database With SMS and Email

Grow Your Database With SMS and Email

Here at AvidMobile, we recognize the opportunity created by cross-channel marketing and work to educate our resellers on it. One of the best ways to increase reach is to combine SMS and email marketing efforts. Resellers who have executed this have increased their open rates and driven new transactions. We have provided a few simple ways that brands combine SMS and email to create the foundation for quality mobile marketing campaigns.

Attractive SMS and Email offers matter.

When creating an SMS keyword campaign it’s important to create an exciting offer to build the database. Quality offers that provide a unique value for the audience work best to drive new opt-ins. By enabling an email capture feature on a keyword campaign the business can also capture the customer’s email address. This is the first step, as it provides the business with both the mobile number and email address. With these two pieces of information, businesses can utilize both SMS and email to communicate with their audience.

How the keyword campaign is executed can determine the pace at which the business grows their database. Businesses are growing database by using mobile kiosks, social media, and their employees. We’ve seen some businesses that have executed this well and have seen close to 6,000 new email addresses in about 60 days, giving them a competitive edge! When they combine this with their existing database they are able to reach twice as many people and drive their open rates.

Scaling up with SMS and Email takes time.

With an established database of mobile numbers and email addresses, brands can develop the perfect plan for utilizing the channels. Combine this with a strong understanding of the customer and brands develop the perfect frequency for delivering SMS and email messages. Marketers can monitor campaigns and test a variety of promotions to gauge the campaigns that perform best based on the communication channel.

If you’ve been thinking to incorporate or even selling cross-channel marketing tools, like SMS and email, now is the time. There are thousands of businesses looking purchase these services to increase their profits. AvidMobile provides business and resellers with SMS and email services. In addition, we provide access to mobile websites, kiosks, and real-world marketing training. You can get started with your AvidMobile mobile marketing trial today or give us a call at 877-511-6624 to discuss your strategy.