Mobile Marketing for Back to School

Mobile Marketing for Back to School

Across the country families are preparing to start a new school year. According to the National Retail Federation consumers will spend an estimated $24.9 billion dollars on k-12 back to school shopping. Retailers who have incorporated SMS marketing, mobile websites, and web based kiosks are using these services to engage customers and capture new sales. In addition, the resellers and businesses providing retailers with these services are profiting too!

Capturing new business with mobile marketing is easier than one would think. Here are a couple tips to increase sales this back to school shopping season.


Create an unique value.

When it comes to capturing numbers and building databases reward the end user for sharing their information. This back to school season there are multiple businesses utilizing SMS marketing to drive sales. Find a creative way to entice the end user and capture their information. Provide mobile offers that are exclusive to those opted into your SMS marketing database. By building a sense of exclusivity you have created a distinct advantage to receiving mobile marketing text messages.

Don’t overload your audience.

Mobile marketing is a science. Back to school shoppers have a variety of marketing messages coming at them. On a daily basis they are exposed to radio spots, television commercials, and print advertisements. Remember SMS marketing allows brands to engage with consumers on a personal level. By planning well thought out messages and offers a business can send the perfect message at exactly the right time.

Think about the consumer and help guide them through the purchase process. From the start to finish mobile marketing can help get them to into your doors. AvidMobile is happy to help you obtain the best mobile marketing tools at the right price. Sign up for your mobile marketing trial account today and see how mobile can work for you.