I’m so Fancy! Ohhh… are you?

I’m so Fancy!   Ohhh… are you?

Preparation in selling mobile marketing campaigns to national or even local business is flat overrated.  You don’t need to be Fancy, you need to talk to more people.  It is really that simple!

I talk with reseller and white label partners of our enterprise level mobile marketing application every single day.  The thing that I hear the most?

“I have this one big opportunity, and they aren’t using SMS or any kind of text marketing yet.  I don’t want to blow it!  What should I do?”

You know what I tell them?  Pick up the phone and call them.  See who you can get through to and when you get someone important on the phone see if they have ever thought about mobile coupons, text marketing, sms loyalty programs, need a mobile site, or anything like that.  If they say yes, send them a quick example on their phone via text.

If they say no or you can’t get a hold of someone.  Move on!

Selling or reselling mobile marketing and SMS services is no different than selling anything else.  Statistically only 1 in 10 people you talk to are actually “in the market” for a new marketing tool.  This means 9 people you talk to will automatically say no, and that is if you can even get a hold of them.

Want my advice?  We know it is a numbers game, and you have to open up opportunities every single day.  The fastest way to do that is make 80-120 calls per day and see if they are interested.  Don’t hold your breath, do a bunch of research, plan the perfect strategy for this one “Super Client” you have in your head.  In fact, have 100 “Super Clients” instead and call them all today.  You will have more chance of success and more chance at landing one really good one.

Want to hear some more motivation to shield you from the mistakes you might be making while reselling SMS and mobile marketing services? Watch this video.