SMS Gateway Application Quality Traits

Choose the Best SMS Gateway Application Provider.

First and foremost, an SMS gateway application provider is a means for business to send text messages to their audience. The text messages are sent through a front end interface or an SMS API. Next, the gateway routes text messages through an aggregator. Finally, the messages go to the carrier who sends them to the end user. While the process seems complex messages arrive in seconds. For many brands this an affordable quick way to communicate with their audiences.

Subscribing to these services is a fairly painless process. Those who want to start need to decide on an SMS Platform. AvidMobile offers an SMS gateway application for their customers. This Kansas City based company is just one of the competitors in the space. Like many of the platforms, users pay a monthly licensing fee. In turn, this gives them access to the platform. Users will choose between front end interface or use the API to build out their campaign. No matter your skill level advance or beginner SMS marketers can start creating custom campaigns.

Questions you should ask an SMS gateway application provider.

Ultimately, choosing an SMS platform is your decision. In any case, you should do your research and make sure the marketing platform meets your needs. Our team has several questions any business should ask a potential partner. However, before that, you should take the time to sit down and write out your specific goals and objections. As in any case know your goals and business objectives.

  • Is the platform easy to navigate?
  • What payment gateways do they support?
  • How in-depth are their SMS marketing training materials and onboarding process?
  • Does their reporting provide you the information you need?
  • Will their support team be accessible during normal business hours?
  • Has your SMS gateway application provider ever sold in the world of mobile marketing?
  • Do they provide discounts based on volume?

After getting the answers to your questions take the time to analyze your findings. As a result of examining platforms, you should be 100% certain their platform will meet your goals. Want to Give AvidMobile a try? You can sign up for a free trial and learn if our platform is the right one for you. Get started today, click here.