The lowest Wholesale SMS pricing

Wholesale SMS pricing

There are a variety of different people that are out there actively searching for the most direct, least expensive wholesale SMS provider. Sometimes they go to aggregators thinking the direct connection will provide the cheaper rates. Unfortunately aggregators often come with hefty guaranteed monthly agreements and to acquire low SMS pricing, a company may need to send tens of millions of SMS per month.

Many resellers, application developers, white label companies, or even CRM tools that want to utilize direct Wholesale SMS pricing do not do those kinds of volumes or want to make guarantees often above $5,000 per month to get decent SMS wholesale rates.

Fortunately there are companies like AvidMobile that are connected on different aggregators, have various dedicated and shared codes, work with companies doing millions of messages per month and can pool their buying power to deliver the absolute best wholesale SMS pricing.

On top of the best SMS rates in the space AvidMobile also provides an application for those that need one to manage your text messages, create your mobile coupon campaigns, create mobile websites, and much more.

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