The Big 3: SMS Mobile Application shortfalls!

The Big 3: SMS Mobile Application shortfalls!

The search for the best SMS Mobile Marketing application can be daunting! Who has the best pricing, the most robust application, most features, or even the best support and training? This isn’t even everything, as many companies offer much more than just SMS in the applications being offered.   Here is our list of the 3 biggest things to pay attention to when selecting an SMS application;

  1. Nothing to sell but SMS – When selecting a provider, pay attention to other items they may have that offer the potential to be monetized. Meaning, are you just going to be able to sell mobile coupons and their focus is primarily Restaurants and retail? Or do they have other features to sell that will open the door to countless other opportunities? Examples would be do they offer an API, training and tools for churches and non-profits, mobile websites/apps, email, virtual business cards, or just SMS campaign management?
  1. Poor Volume pricing – When you have 100 clients or are sending 100,000 SMS per month or more, who will provide the best wholesale SMS pricing and the application that will support it with the least cost. Work some different scenarios of number of clients and number of messages and think to the future.
  1. Lack of Support – Many SMS application providers will pat you on your back and say “Have a great time” after they sell you their service. Others have documented follow-up and support protocol, on-demand training, and more to make sure that your investment in an SMS application goes the way you want it to!


Rob Clifton

CEO AvidMobile



A little about AvidMobile

When selecting an SMS Mobile Marketing Application there are companies out there like AvidMobile that have much more than just SMS in their applications.

AvidMobile’s in-house development team continues to release feature after feature into their SMS mobile application sometimes called a Marketing Hub. Their application currently houses so many features and possibilities for every industry it can take a lot time just to review them. Here is a list of just a few;

  • SMS Campaigns

Every single kind of SMS campaign is built into the SMS side of the application

  • API to send and receive SMS

Have your own application and need to send SMS? Grab our SDK and utilize our fully documented API and be sending SMS messages in no time.

  • Mobile Websites

The most advanced and easy-to-use Mobile website builder in the industry, in the same platform!

  • Smartphone Applications

Turn your mobile websites into mobile apps easily.

  •  Integrated Customer management and Billing

Resell by white labeling the entire dashboard just for your company. Then create plans and bill your customers right from the white labeled SMS application.

  • Integrations with and more to accept your payments
  • Kiosk builders

Utilize the tablet landing page (kiosk) builder and in minutes be building databases at the POS easily and quickly.

  • Training and Resources

The best real-world training that includes the industries ONLY “SMS Mobile Marketing Certification Program” in the space.

See more about AvidMobile services and SMS Application features here