Mobile Coupon Reseller Strategies For Restaurants

As a mobile coupon reseller, you’ve got several options to bring in new clients.

With just a little effort a mobile coupon reseller, like yourself, can increase the number of restaurant based clients. These clients would be able take full advantage of your mobile coupons in their marketing efforts. On a regular basis the AvidMobile team is asked for a proven strategy to attract and close restaurant clients.

In 2016 Americans spent $54.8 billion on dining out. That being said it’s clear as to why restaurants are seeking out SMS marketing services to capture even more market share. As a mobile coupon reseller application provider AvidMobile has listed various strategies you can employ to attract new restaurant clients. The following advice will put you on the fast track to acquiring of new clients and making more money.

A mobile coupon reseller has a clear business objective.

Have a clear marketing objective. Take out a piece of paper, and write down the number of restaurants you want to reach. In addition list out the methods and/or strategy you want to use in meeting your objectives. How will your leads be generated? What’s the percentage of leads you want to generate online and offline? Everyone of your goals should be laid out.

Build a Profile of Potential Restaurants

Generate a list of potential restaurants. Take their peculiarities into consideration. For instance, what kind of foods do they offer? What clientele do they cater to? Take it a step further by dividing your list of restaurants into their size, proximity and how quickly they can be reached. Understanding potential clients will allow you to more easily create custom presentations and examples.

Reach Out To Offline Businesses

The power of offline marketing methods should not be discounted. Distribute flyers and leaflets to local restaurants and eateries. You can also provide complementary offers to your old mobile coupon clients, and in turn ask them to introduce you to other restaurants and/or business they partner with.

To attract a slew of newer clients, you should also consider touching up your brand images. Redefine your image and reach out to offline businesses. Reaching out to offline businesses takes time and dedicated effort, but the profits far outweighs the effort you put into it.

A mobile coupon reseller provides a solution to a problem.

As a mobile coupon reseller, its in your power to find out how often these restaurants carry out a mobile coupon campaign. You can begin by researching the methods they employ in marketing their mobile coupons. After your research, which by the way, might be unobtrusive questions you ask them. List out what they are doing well. And inform them of the things they are getting wrong.

Try to find out the impact this problem is having on their overall business. This method would help unearth some other problems they might be unaware of. Or a problem they don’t have a solution to. From the problems or challenges your research unearths, you can then explore solutions to apply in their business.

So with these findings, you can present yourself as the best solution to their problems. Show them how easy it is to use your service. And let them see the benefits you’ll bring to their business as a mobile coupon reseller.

Develop a Clear Incentive For Each Prospective Client

You’ve created a list of restaurants you want to include in your mobile coupon business. And you’ve also looked into solutions you can offer them. It’s a given that the solutions you offer them might reel them in. But to solidify this, you’d need to offer them a clear incentive.

So how do you achieve this?

Well, as a mobile coupon reseller you’ll have to create an incentive that you can offer to your restaurant clients.  You could start with a free trial of your service. Or you could offer to run a week, or a two week-long mobile coupon promotion targeted at their clients.

If done properly, it’d show them the benefits of using your mobile coupon reseller service and solidify your place as the go-to person when it comes to mobile coupons.

Track and analyze mobile coupon performance.

Reaching your goals as a mobile coupon reseller is achievable. But to make it feasible and streamlined, create a system of tracking your research, marketing efforts, and overall progress you’re making against the real progress you should be making. Doing this would clear your vision. And helps you see what you’re doing well, what you aren’t doing well, and where you need to apply some more effort.

Final thoughts for a mobile coupon reseller.

In conclusion, we’ve listed a short summary of things you can do to help capture new clients and get the most from your mobile coupon reseller application.

  1. To get a steady flow of new clients; first of all you’d want to have a clear business objective.
  2. Build a profile of potential clients, then follow this up by reaching out to offline businesses.
  3. Carry out a research on the methods they’re using. Then thoroughly convince them that they have a problem.
  4. Offer solutions they can apply. Backed with a clear incentive for using your service.

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